Please be aware that the manufacturing of CFRP cutting die and the process of CFRP punching with the cutting die are HAGATAYAs patented or patent-application technologies including its treatments after the punching.

Enquiries / Orders

Confirmation in Drawing

We will be glad to examine and confirm your need in the drawings first and the specifications, or other terms including the required delivery timel. Such examination/ confirmation of your enquiry shall be done through e-mail, fax, or face-to-face meeting as the case may be. Please feel free to contact us about your enquiries or questions.



Our quotation will follow the examination/confirmation of your enquiry above.



Upon your acceptance of our quotation, your order will be sent to us via e-mail or fax.
*Please note, cancellation of your order is not acceptable due to the nature of the product.



Once ordered, we will concentrate our elaborate works to accomplish your product.



We will conduct strict tests on the cutting die to ensure that it meets its specifications.


Packing and Shipping

Your product shall be packed according to our standard export packing and be shipped based on the latest Incoterms.



Upon your receipt of the delivery, please check it. If anything you find in your question, please inform us without delay.