Please be aware that the manufacturing of CFRP cutting die and the process of CFRP punching with the cutting die are HAGATAYAs patented or patent-application technologies including its treatments after the punching.

Product overview

to cut out the fabrics of Super Fibers (Kevlar, Dyneema, Zylon, Vectran, Twaron, Technora and Aramid) with conventional press cutting machine to the shape at your disposal.

Water-jet, laser or machine tool is conventionally applied to cut out CFRP material that is almost ten times stronger than iron. But, mass-cutting method is yet established.HSCD is prominent especially in its cutting efficiency comparing with those conventional methods. With HSCD, you can cut out the CFRP boards instantaneously without any worry about the environmental contamination by sewage, toxic gas, high heat and dusts. HSCD is the best solution in view of your manufacturing costs and production efficiency.

Automation machine for envelopes is forced to stop in its folding or gluing process when the sheet of paper is different from the proper size, even if it is a slight difference, and cause you more cost accordingly.With HSCD, you can cut through a pile (400-500 sheets) of paper at once precisely at accuracy of less than 1mm size difference between the top and the bottom sheets. And it is durable enough to be used for cutting through 0.5 million to 1.5 million sheets without maintenance.

We design and manufacture various system devices, hydraulic and pneumatic press-machines to meet your need at the work site. One of the examples of our system device is to carry out alone various punching works of side marker lamps, air ducts, fog lamps and front air spoiler, both right and left side. It is designed to save cost making use of air cylinder for punching. Upon your request, such attachments as caster wheels and safety guard are available.Cutting scraps can be recycled.