Please be aware that the manufacturing of CFRP cutting die and the process of CFRP punching with the cutting die are HAGATAYAs patented or patent-application technologies including its treatments after the punching.

HSCD for Super Fibres

Super Fibres are high functionality fibres which are known for its high strength and elasticity modulus.From daily necessities to spacesuits, bulletproof vests, automotives, and even aircrafts, the HSCD for Super Fibres is used for a wide range of items.

The world’s first HSCD for Super Fibre has made it possible to freely shape fibre fabrics known as Super Fibres (Kevlar, Dyneema, Zylon, Vectran, Twaron and Technora) using conventional cutting equipment.

We have succeeded in the endurance test which is essential for mass production. This consisted of cutting through 6 types of super fibres from 5 of our nations Super Fibre Manufacturers without the blade chipping or scratching. Testing of cutting through tens of layers of fibres approximately 2000 times in a row was also conducted. This test was a great success.
We even have a track record of cutting over 100,000 automotive parts. We can also cut prepregs made out of carbon fibre or glass fibre. Furthermore, we will happily take on any enquiries regarding the manufacturing of press cutters for composite materials.

One of the advantages of HSCD is the ability to be able to repair and grind as many times as needed in order to restore its original clean cut.
The maximum dimensions for manufacturing is 600 x 1000mm. This is quite big. (-^∇^-)
When thinking about mass production and cost reduction, there is a large difference between using HSCD and water jets or CAM.
Using Hagataya’s techniques, we will support you in creating products which are different to other companies.